Revolutionising peer to peer networking

You can learn as much from your peers as you can from experts.

Let’s create opportunities for you to do that.

And facilitate through fun and games.

Imagine you’re a Marketing Manager.

All week, you’ve been grafting away at a tonne of briefs.


You think you’ve made the right calls. You think. You’ve set that ad campaign up that way… because that’s the best way to do it, right? Is that how everyone else is doing it?


You could ask other people in Marketing. But how would you even do that?


You could go to a networking event. A speaker might have some interesting tips, sure.


But what you really want to do, is ask a bunch of other peers in marketing, what they’re doing and why. And that part of networking events is normally awkward, with surface level chat.


You don’t want to just talk about the weather again.


Can you imagine how much easier your job might be if you could actually speak to other Marketing Managers (or, you know, whatever your job role is) regularly but concisely, and share challenges, learning and insight?


Can you imagine if that experience was actually fun? With games like Cards Against Bad Networking, Mock the Problem, The Confession Box?


Can you imagine networking with your peers where you actually… learn something useful?

Well then, we’re glad you stopped by.

Because that’s what our “Not Another Network” does. Community networking events that…


  • Common interest – brings together peers with something in common – Project Managers, Marketing, Creatives, you name it…
  • Learning  – getting past the chit chat and getting into the good stuff, so people don’t waste their time.
  • Facilitated… & fun – it’s hard for this stuff to happen naturally. So we facilitate your conversations through games, that are also, you know, fun.
  • Regular – bi-monthly, with different games each time, to keep it fresh.



What games do you play?


There are loads, but here’s a sample…


The confession box


True or false style business confessions written by attendees, past and present.

Our favourite to date involves bumping into a client at a nightclub in Magaluf…


Cards against bad networking


Loose inspiration from a certain card game…

Come up with your best answers to questions about your industry.


Great chat, mate


Post it notes meet a frenzy of networking.


A bunch of others


Moving is believing. The one line story. Debate society. We have a suite of games, picking the right ones for each event.

Want to join a network?

Find out if we’ve got a network for you and your role by dropping us a line below.

Alternatively, you can also email us at  [email protected].