We use games to create better experiences.

Games. Gamification. Gamify it. You name it. One of those new(ish) buzzwords that has been doing the rounds recently…

We use it for teambuilding. We use it for training. We use it for onboarding. We use it for events. You name it, and we’ll use it.

You might be asking yourself, “Is it really worth it? Is it even applicable to what I might use it for?”

The answer is yes, of course. But it is not this mysterious inaccessible magic that only a privileged few can harness. Big or small, we can all take advantage of it.

For the record, there are two things we’re talking about here

  • Games – an actual, constructed game with specific, constructed parameters within it. Often for multiple end goals, like engagement, learning, and of course, fun.
  • Gamification – taking “ordinary” actions and “gamifying” it. For example, creating leaderboards and reward systems for a training course. Similar end goals to a game.

In reality, there is often significant overlap between the two. But you don’t really need to spend any more time than you already have worrying about that.

In a nutshell, games draw on various psychological motivators, such as the desire for social connection (multiplayer games), dopamine rushes from unpredictability (game twists), or even artificial senses of urgency (game countdown timers).

This means that in a range of scenarios, you can better ramp up engagement


Team building

Harnessing social influence and teamwork to foster better connections



Utilising creative freedom in games to embed learnings



Making it more memorable through unpredictability and urgency

That’s why we run games for a range of experiences and our Founder, Ben Fowler, talks about games and business in a podcast.

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