We use games to create better experiences.

Too many experiences are subpar. They’re so focused on getting the “thing” done, be it an event, or training. It’s all input, no impact.

That’s where games come in. Were convinced they create interaction like no other, to give experiences real impact.

Why games, specifically?

Games enable us to become immersed in something in a way that is interactive and, in turn, more memorable.

They do this better than anything else.

What kind of benefits?

  • Deeper connection – game structures give us a framework to connect with people on a deeper level, be it team building or meaningful networking conversations.
  • More fun – there are no two ways about it, embedding a game into an experience makes it more enjoyable for the audience, whether its learners or event attendees. You want them to rave about the experience, right?
  • Better learning – the interactive nature of games helps players take on board learnings more easily, from soft skills like communication to specific messages from event content.
  • More memorable – so many experiences “phone it in” that simply the act of embedding a game will make it far more memorable for your audience, compared to those not using games. This gives you an edge.


In a nutshell, games draw on various psychological motivators to supercharge experiences, such as the desire for social connection (multiplayer games), dopamine rushes from unpredictability (game twists), or even artificial senses of urgency (game countdown timers).

This means that in a range of scenarios, you can use games to make them a lot better

Better Teambuilding

Creating connections between employees and boosting morale through interactive, live games.

Pre-briefings, free content, live actors, it’s a full experience for your teams.

Immersive Events

Whether you want to entertain your guests, make them remember key messages or generally rave about it, make your events more engaging, interactive and entertaining for your audience.


Interactive Training

Make learnings stick better, and for longer. From onboarding to live digital learning, your participants will never forget the experience.


Deeper Networking

Revolutionising peer to peer networking to deliver meaningful conversations and connections that outlast the event.


We’re actively seeking partners with existing networks to deliver our innovative new networking concept. Get in touch to see how we can work together.


Want to delve deeper? Our Founder, Ben Fowler, talks (in a pretty light hearted way) to various guests about how games have made them better at business and their careers.

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