We use games to create better experiences.

We use games to make your experiences more interactive, engaging and impactful. And of course… fun.


Sounds a bit cheesy I know, but that’s just what we do.


We do this for teambuilding, events and networking. They all overlap a bit.

Why games, specifically?

Because they’re amazing, that’s why.


Okay, we’ll be a little more specific. They create connection. They create urgency. They create interaction. They create excitement.


And in a world full of dull, monotonous moments, particularly in spaces like team building and events, a healthy dose of those kind of things is essential.

So why us?


Okay, here are a few reasons.


Obsessive over details – we rigorously test our games, and obsess over constant tweaks. Pretty much every team meeting involves a conversation about how we can improve a game.


More than a game – it should be an experience, right? We like to roll out the red carpet, fromm pre-game briefing to free downloadables for players. Build excitement, extend the experience.


Easy peasy for you – just see you on the day? Nope, we prefer to hand hold you a bit more than that. It should make life easy for you, right?


Actors, immersive – we use strong characters so people can feel immersed. If we can’t use an actor, we’ll build that character and personality into the game another way.


We think we do okay at all this. Others think so too.

And a few others…

So, want to delve deeper into some of those areas we mentioned?

Better Teambuilding

Creating connections between employees and boosting morale through interactive, live games.


Pre-briefings, free content, live actors, it’s a full experience for your teams.

Immersive Events

Whether you want to entertain your guests, make them remember key messages or generally rave about it, make your events more engaging, interactive and entertaining for your audience.


Deeper Networking

Revolutionising peer to peer networking to deliver meaningful conversations and connections that outlast the event.


We’re actively seeking partners with existing networks to deliver our innovative new networking concept. Get in touch to see how we can work together.


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