Questions we get asked often…



We use the power of games to provide experiences that you remember. From teambuilding and bonding to better employee and engagement, all our experiences have a purpose.

Some of these experiences are short and punchy, like our virtual escape room. Some are longer and deeper, like a better, gamified onboarding experience.


Why games?

We don’t always see it, but gamification is already everywhere, creating better experiences for all of us. Have you seen that “Profile Strength” bar on LinkedIn? Or how about nearly every forum where you can “upvote”, effectively scoring them? Even better, how good does it feel when your post on pretty much any channel at all gets a load of likes and engagement?

They may sound like gimmicks, but the potential for games is limitless. What if you could create an engaging, gamified onboarding experience for a new employee that gives them a far better, more immersive introduction to the organisation? Let’s go the whole nine yards – what if you could increase civic participation and improve the conversation between government and the public?

We’re getting ahead of ourselves now – but regardless, the potential is endless. And that’s why we’re here. To bring the power of games to your experiences so that we can help better connect, engage and bond people.

What experiences do you offer?

We currently offer:

  • Operation Save Our Tea: Large group virtual escape room experience
  • Small group online escape room
  • Team TV: Large group virtual game show experience
  • Bespoke games: a people centred game designed for your specific objectives
  • Gamified onboarding: using gamification to deliver better onboarding

By virtual do you mean live-streamed?

That’s exactly what we mean! There is always a host at the other end leading you through the on camera experience. Unlike a lot of other games elsewhere, you are not playing a pre-loaded, animated game. This often means more heavy lifting on our side, but we think it’s worth it. The power of a live experience keeps people more immersed and engaged in our view, making for a more memorable game for everyone! It also gives us more opportunity for interactive, spontaneous moments between us and you, the players.

The only game that isn’t live-streamed is our small group experiences game, The B.R.U.C.E. Project.

What technology is required for your virtual experiences?

It depends on the experience. At the moment, we are predominantly using Zoom and Demio.

But we can accommodate other platforms if necessary.

We need something custom made for our needs. Can you do it?

Put simply, yes! Whether it’s a bespoke game that you can take charge of once made, through to onboarding games to better induct employees into your organisation, we’re happy to help. Just get in touch.

If your question isn’t listed above do get in touch.