Fragmented teams need new teambuilding solutions

Teambuilding needs to happen outside one off events. Puzzle Seasons will make sure it does.

Bi-weekly, narrative driven, multimedia puzzles will have your teams regularly connecting and team building, until the stories climax…


Pricing starts at £200 a month (exc VAT). Enquire and sign up now!

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What is Puzzle Seasons?

This innovative concept is all about ensuring your teams are bonding and connecting regularly. Give your teams reasons to come together, puzzle solve and connect. In this hybrid world, it helps ensure team members stay connected and work well together.
  • Season structure where you receive six multimedia “puzzle drops” over 12 weeks
  • Each 12 week season immerses you in a story where you’re the heroes
  • Have hundreds of people form teams of 3-8 to tackle the challenges
  • Competitive at a company wide level – teams earn points for solving points, with a final winning team at the end…

Check out the next season below…

NEXT SEASON: Who Killed Great Uncle X? A Time Travelling Mystery…

Uncle X has been found murdered! And his family are due to receive his inheritance… but who had cause to murder him, and why?


Join us across the 12 week puzzle season as you help us uncover a different piece of the puzzle and work out who did it!


The only way we can solve it is by using our time travel capsule to visit the place of his death at various points in time, and see what puzzles and clues we can find to solve the mystery! We’ll be visiting six different points in time over the season…


Can you work as a team to solve this enigma?

Play the teaser, unlock a month free

Watch the video, then click the link below to see clues and submit an answer.

Submit the right answer and get your first Puzzle Seasons month free on the subscription package…


How does sign up work?

Once you’ve enquired and told us you want in, you’ll be taken through a simple onboarding with us.


You’ll either sign up for a subscription, which is a Direct Debit setup. If this is an issue, we can accept Bank Transfer based on monthly invoices. You can cancel your subscription at any time with 2 weeks notice.


Or, if you are looking for a one off season tailored to your schedule, we can invoice you for a one off season and you can pay by bank transfer or card.

Do you only offer subscription?

We can run a puzzle season just for you, on your schedule. A standalone season on demand like this starts at £1,000 exc VAT.


Enquire for more details.

What does the season kick off look like?

We undertake a number of things such as…


Explaining the Process

We’ll go through how the games work, how teams will submit answers, etc.


Assigning Team Leaders

We give you engaging comms that enable teams to submit team leader contact details directly to us. That way we can send puzzle drops out to team leaders directly, saving you from always being the middle person.


Welcome Comms

We’ll provide and send out playful comms that get’s everyone excited for the puzzle season, explaining what they need to do!


We keep the process as simple as possible for players.




How do we actually receive the puzzles?

Every other week, you and team leaders will receive an email (branded up all nicely) containing a link to the video puzzle drop. We have a “go live” slot, but they are also pre-recorded so people can continually access them on demand.


Teams will then have 2 weeks to solve each puzzle.

How hard are the puzzles?

It varies – but in general, we aim for puzzles that can be solved in 10-20 minutes in a team of 3-8 people.


Technically, people could solve them individually, but they would find them quite difficult. This is deliberate.


We’d recommend teams stick to an 8 person limit.

What type of puzzles are there?

We keep formats varied, and each season is likely to have a certain type of puzzle “theme”, e.g. colour puzzles, spot the differences, etc.


Video puzzle drop videos will come accompanied with a “puzzle pack”, containing what you need to solve the puzzle.

How do you encourage participation?

We do a number of things to encourage participation, such as…


  • Competition and prizes – the more puzzles team solve, the higher their score, and the more likely they are to win a prize!
  • Leaderboard commentary – to build that competitive narrative over the season
  • “Go to” meeting times – we suggest people tag these onto team meetings or something similar, but failing that we’ll suggest recurring puzzle solving times.
  • Live vs pre-recorded – we encourage people to listen to the live broadcast rather than the pre-recorded by including extra hints in the live version. That way we know people have watched it!


We’re always looking for ways to maintain engagement – so get in touch with any further suggestions at [email protected]

How does the competitive element work?

When teams solve puzzles, they are awarded points. When they also solve them more quickly (e.g. first 25% of teams to solve the puzzle), they’ll be awarded extra points.


At the end of a season, the final leaderboard is published, and the winning team receive prizes!

Is this virtual, hybrid, or in person?

It’s whatever you want it to be.


Teams can sit together in person, watching and solving puzzle drops. Likewise they can jump on a video call and discuss the latest puzzle drop!


In that sense, it’s perfect for hybrid teams, as it fits any circumstance. In fact this is one of its core uses, to keep hybrid teams engaged with each other as people work more flexibly.

We think our games are great. But don’t just take our word for it…

Being able to have over 50 colleagues experience the same game together was really valuable – a great teambuilding activity. The whole event was really well organised and well executed from start to finish!


This was a great morale boost for everyone – having live hosts really brought the experience to life!


The large group experience was a perfect way to bring together colleagues remotely right now and bond – including from different continents!


Almost like interactive TV, this was a great experience for our employees, lockdown or no lockdown!

Baker McKenzie


You can subscribe to our puzzle seasons on a monthly rolling basis, and cancel whenever you want.

Or, you can have a single season delivered just for you on demand, and to your schedule.

The pricing for both is below.



The subscription package is our standard way of delivering puzzle seasons. You’ll receive two multimedia puzzle drops a month.

5-30 People

£200 per month

31-60 People

£300 per month

61-90 People

£400 per month

91-120 People

£500 per month

121-150 People

£600 per month

151+ People


One Off On Demand Season

Buy a one off puzzle season, delivered specifically for your company on your schedule.

5-30 People


31-60 People


61-90 People


91-120 People


121-150 People


151+ People


Enquire Now

Enquire about subscribing or buying a puzzle season using the form below. Or, alternatively, you can email us at  [email protected]