Incredible puzzle based teamwork with you at the centre of it

When you need challenge based teambuilding that drives more memories, deeper connections, and greater staff appreciation.

If you want a live escape room experience that’s personalised to you for real impact, then you’ve found the solution.


Pricing from £1,120 exc VAT.

Our clients include

Our 5 star Google Reviews make us feel warm and fuzzy…

Last night, we celebrated the development of your brilliant new formula.

At some point over the course of the evening, your groundbreaking discovery vanished!


Maybe you’re a tech company and it was a brilliant new SaaS product formula? Or maybe you’re a food company, and the formula was for the best meal ever?


Was it stolen or simply misplaced? No one, including your host, seems to remember where it’s gone…


Can you retrace your steps and piece together the puzzle? The fate of your formula lies in your hands – but proceed carefully, not everything is as reliable as it seems…

What impact you achieve – and how we do it

You don’t book these things often. When you do, we make it count by personalising the whole experience.

We maximise team connection and morale by…


Creating a more memorable moment that teams still remember for years

You have personalised props, actors, pre-game teaser puzzles, downloadables, the full house.


Better connect people by driving better attendance

We use pre-game briefings with character and addictive pre-game comms puzzles, all to generate that pre-event interest.


Make people feel appreciated, fuelling an exceptional teambuilding moment

Personalised game narrative and puzzles makes staff realise it’s just for them.


Check out an example ideas deck of how we design the personal teambuilding game with you.

Some key details


  • 60-75 minute adventure for up to 300 people at once
  • Works on any platform (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet…)
  • Live actor host to keep you dazzled, entertained and immersed throughout
  • Perfect for corporate team building, student inductions, international offices and more

How does the full process work?

Book your meaningful teambuilding experience


Once you’ve locked in your booking, we create your custom narrative, game title, logo, puzzles and props, to prepare that truly exceptional experience.

Engaged early = more likely to turn up


Get your briefing, as well as teaser puzzles and engagement opportunities for everyone, so you can engage earlier! Makes it more likely they’ll attend too…

The game begins…


 Our LIVE actor welcomes you, gets you ready for your mission, and takes you through this escape room experience. Video call platform of your choice, making life easy for you.

Your personal game shines


As you play the game, your custom puzzles and props are mixed in to enhance that sense of peak moment and team connection.

All done


It’s a wrap! Winning team announced, as well as free fun downloadables, follow up score tables, prizes for winning team members… the lot!


How do we book?

Simply get in touch using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page indicating what date(s) and time(s) you’re interested in, as well as any further questions you have!


You can also email us at [email protected]

So what do you host the game on?

We use Zoom (or an alternative video call platform like MS Teams or Google Meet if you can’t access Zoom) in combination with a web browser stream.


If you’re a team of 30 people for example, you all join Zoom, are briefed, and then we break you into subteams of circa 5 people. From that point you watch the game via a live stream (like watching a YouTube Live video whilst speaking as a team), and will be given various puzzles to solve as the game moves forward!

How much does it cost?

Our full pricing is available below (just scroll down the page). The cheapest package is £1,120 exc VAT.

What devices do we need?

Just a laptop or desktop. The game doesn’t work on phones or tablets unfortunately.


Your work device should also be fine – we run a quick tech test with every booking before their game to double check access isn’t an issue, which 99% of the time it isn’t.

How long does it last?

Around 75 minutes, although we recommend allowing 90 minutes to be safe.


We can also do a shorter version, if you wish.


Please note our prices are excluding VAT.


Package Levels

10-20 People


21-40 People


41-70 People


71-100 People


100+ People


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