Be the heroes of your own interactive story

The perfect interactive energiser activity. Play your own story as you call the shots in how we move through an interactive tale curated specifically for you.

Perfect for large groups, with no limit on group size. Guide price £4,500 – £5,500 exc VAT depending on length and location.

Our clients include

How will your story unfold?

Vote on decisions. Perform actions to unlock doors. Our live host takes you through a story designed just for you, keeping energy levels high and everyone moving in this unique “choose your own adventure” format.

  • Pick a story – fancy a pirate voyage? Escape outer space? Something that ties into your event theme?
  • Vote on decision points – what will you all decide? Attack or befriend the ship? Sneak in or break in? The story is in your hands…
  • Complete tasks for the mission – pull faces to unlock the door! Start rowing the ship! Go solve puzzles to find the hacker! All sorts…


Enquire now to find out your own story…

How does it work?

So you’ve made your booking – what happens next?

Fill out our story survey

You fill out a short survey telling us the kind of game you’d like, including storyline, genre, audience members to pick on…

Design the story

We get to work designing the story just for you! Unique to your booking, considering what best fits the group. We also get a bespoke briefing sent out, getting your people excited about the story.


Delivered by a live actor

An actor, immersed in a character, takes you through the story to put you at the centre of it! Supplemented with multimedia, you all vote on key decision points and perform all kinds of tasks in this energetic experience. We grab photos too!

Receive your comic book

We pull together your story, photos and voting decisions into a PDF comic e-book that you can circulate to your attendees and beyond!

Check out someone whose played…

The Voyage of Captain Leo!

This one was virtual, but the format is the same. See how it went.


What are the benefits of this game?

Simple. Two things.


  • An injection of energy and excitement into your audience, giving them a positive memorable moment they’ll thank you for
  • A moment of connection with others, fulfilling your team building needs


And, of course, it’s great fun.

How do we book?

Simply get in touch using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page indicating what date(s) and time(s) you’re interested in, as well as any further questions you have!


You can also email us at [email protected]

So you host the game in person?

That’s right! Our live actors rock up to your office or venue. Ideally we have a screen to show images, and even better, access to a sound system. But we’ve done it without either before too.

How much does it cost?

Guide price is £4,500 to £5,500 exc VAT but we do charge more for more complex stories.


Get in touch with your location, desired format and game length, and we can give you an exact price. We confirm it up front, so you don’t get hit with a surprise bill after the game!

How long does it last?

Anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Depends on the type of story you want.

When is this best for?

This works will built into pre-existing events and conferences, internal or external.


In particular, the game thrives on larger groups. So the more the merrier!

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