Escape room style puzzles. Face to face teambuilding. Cake.

Puzzles and auction rounds combine to deliver a high energy, teamwork driven in person team building experience!

Ready for team building people actually enjoy?


Pricing starts at £650 excluding VAT.

Our clients include

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Clarence Belleville needs you to construct the best cake you can.

Which team can construct the best cake and do Belleville proud?


Using top notch team work, you will complete puzzles and challenges to earn tokens, and then bid for various cake decorations at auction. The best decorated cake wins!


You’ll need the perfect blend of teamwork and energy to win decorations and come out on top with the best cake on show!

How does the game work?




Break into teams

Up to 80 people can play as you break into teams of 4-6 people, ready for this 90 minute game!


Solve puzzles, earn coins

You’ll be put through five rounds of puzzles, winning coins the more you solve as a team! From spotting counterfeit baking goods, to completing redacted recipes…


Bid for decorations at auction

Use your hard earned cake coins to bid for cake decorations! Expect things to get loud, and competitive.


Take top cake

The best decorated cake wins the game, and gets Belleville approval!


Please note that some locations will incur a travel fee on top of circa £100 – £400, depending on location.


Prices are excluding VAT.

Up to 20 People


21-40 People


41-60 People


61-80 People



What's different about this to other team building activities?

One player recently said “This is like those cheesy teambuilding activities you do. Except, it’s actually fun”.


And that’s where we find out sweet spot is. This game is truly unique, with a playful theme and a game format that fuses entertainment and team building perfectly.


It also allows everyone to participate extensively, rather than just a few people taking the lead.


What is your COVID-19 policy?

We follow the most up to date government guidance.


At present, guidance states we can run the game without any restrictions.


There is no hiding from the fact this is an in person game though, where teams will interact. But we keep teams to their individual tables for the majority of the game, to avoid significant cross team mixing.


We also ensure our hands are well sanitised before and during the game.

Do you come to us, or do we come to you?

We come to you – we do not host this game at our premises. We can either come to your offices, or a venue that you’ve already hired!

What regions do you cover?

We can run this game across most major cities in England, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield.


Most locations incur a small travel charge. Simply tell us your location and we’ll let you know what that fee is.

Can you send the venue your Public Liability Insurance?

Of course! We’re covered.

“This is like those cheesy teambuilding activities you do. Except, it’s actually fun”.

Glendower Preparatory School player

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