Hybrid and In Person Teambuilding Activities

Immersive, engaging and morale boosting teambuilding that builds connections.

COVERING MANCHESTER AND LONDON – more regions coming soon…


Running within current restrictions and socially distanced compatible!

Our clients include

New team building games for a new normal

Your team building needs are a lot more varied than they used to be. You need to keep hybrid teams connected. You need activities people are comfortable with.

Month to month, your needs might change, and our games can satisfy a multitude of situations…

  • “I need a hybrid game people can play from both the office and home”
  • We want a purely face to face teambuilding game indoors in our office”
  • “We need an outdoor game whilst it’s warm!”
  • “We need a more regular ongoing team building activity to keep our teams connected”

Whatever your need, we’ve got a game for it!

Check out our games!


Puzzles and auctions

Build the most impressive cake of the bunch…


Puzzle Seasons

Give your teams stories to unravel over 12 weeks by solving puzzles…




Escape room meets hybrid

Find the evidence to shut down the facility…







Cake meets Christmas

Can you solve puzzles and make the best Christmas cake?


How do we book?

Simply get in touch using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page indicating what date(s) and time(s) you’re interested in, as well as any further questions you have! You can also email us at [email protected]

If we want to socially distance, can we?

In short, yes.

Our games work well when adhering to social distancing, and our designed with that in mind.

Each subteam can be kept separate from others with ease, meaning someone only interacts in close proximity with their specific group of 5-6 people in their subteam.

What happens if we need to switch from face to face to virtual?

We’ve got you covered! We allow you can switch to one of our virtual games at up to 7 days notice, and will refund the cost difference between the in person and virtual game.

You can make this change regardless of the reason (i.e. this can be because of restrictions, but can also be personal choice).

What do your face to face games cost?

Prices start at £540 exc VAT. Further pricing information is available below.


Puzzle Seasons works a little differently, on a subscription or on demand format. Take a look at it for more details.

How long do your games last?

Our one off games last for around 90 minutes.


Puzzle Seasons runs for 12 weeks.


Solve escape room style puzzles and win auction rounds to help build the most impressive cake of the bunch… It’s the great British cake auction! Work in teams to complete puzzles, win tokens and bid on items for your cake in high energy auction rounds!

Let the best cake win…


A game that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor – and works well under current restrictions!


A new approach to team building

Team building shouldn’t just happen twice a year at one off events. With teams working more flexibly, you need to regularly help people connect with their colleagues.


That’s where our innovative concept Puzzle Seasons comes in.


Subscribe or purchase a one off season, and receive a storyline full of puzzles that teams must solve over 12 weeks! Regular, short “puzzle drops” are given to teams to get them connecting regularly!


If you’re looking for something different that works virtually, hybrid or in person, this is the one.



Being able to have over 50 colleagues experience the same game together was really valuable – a great teambuilding activity. The whole event was really well organised and well executed from start to finish!


This was a great morale boost for everyone – having live hosts really brought the experience to life!


The large group experience was a perfect way to bring together colleagues remotely right now and bond – including from different continents!


Almost like interactive TV, this was a great experience for our employees, lockdown or no lockdown!

Baker McKenzie



Forbidden facility game

What’s happening over at the forbidden facility? We’ve smuggled out these mysterious locked boxes containing damning evidence. We need your puzzle solving ability to break in, uncover their secrets and shut down this dastardly facility once and for all!


Teams will compete to be the first to break into the boxes, retrieve the evidence and shut down this offshore facility!


This game is the perfect solution for hybrid teams, and specifically requires virtual and in person players to work together to solve puzzles. It can also run purely face to face.




Please note our prices are excluding VAT. We cover Greater Manchester and London.

 12-20 People  £540
 21-40 People   £700
 41-60 People  £950
 61-80 People   £1200
 81-100 People   £1500

Why play our hybrid and in-person games?



Whatever your current circumstances, outdoor, hybrid, indoor, we have a game for your situation.



Problem solve, connect socially with one another, and communicate better.



Our engaging, performing hosts ensure games are full of energy and excitement.

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