In-person & hybrid team building with exceptional engagement and fun

Fun. Engaging. Memorable. IMPACTFUL. That’s how you want your team building.

  • Easy peasy planning for you
  • Creates incredible team connection
  • Everyone raves about afterwards
  • Format flexible to work around your needs


Yeah, we can do that. And we cover all of the UK.

Our clients include

Engaging and effective team building = 5 star reviews

Peruse our top notch in person and hybrid experiences

Indoor & Outdoor In Person


A perfect blend of puzzle based teamwork mixed with raucous auction rounds.


Up to 80 players, covering most of the UK.

Indoor & Outdoor In Person & Hybrid


We write a story that’s all about you, for maximum engagement and a huge peak moment.

Unlimited group size, super easy format.

Indoor Hybrid


The formula has gone missing in this escape room – HELP US!

Up to 300 people, managed remotely.

Indoor & Outdoor Hybrid & In Person


When you need a more curated, personal and impactful experience.

Any format, any group size.

How do we make your life easier?



We take care of briefing and promo collateral, follow up, the lot. It’ll make your life easier and give you a safe pair of hands.


Give your team building MORE IMPACT

Actors, storylines, super interactive moments, and pre and post game downloadables. It all means more engagement, more impact, more connected teams.



Whatever platform, indoor, outdoor, group size, long, short… whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.


CASE STUDY: In Person, Thames Master

Thames Water wanted a team building experience across their three internal conferences that was personalised and built in conference messaging

Our solution? A bespoke Thames Master game, created just for them. Riffing on the Task Master format, we ran a series of unusual challenges where Thames Water staff would be the judges that determined the winners!


How do we get in touch?

Simply get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.


You can also email us at [email protected]

What happens if we need to switch from face to face to virtual?

We’ve got you covered! We allow you can switch to one of our virtual games at up to 7 days notice, and will refund the cost difference between the in person and virtual game.

You can make this change regardless of the reason (i.e. this can be because of restrictions, but can also be personal choice).

What do these games cost?

Pricing starts at £350 exc VAT. Check individual games for their pricing.


Puzzle Seasons works a little differently, on a subscription or on demand format. Take a look at it for more details.

How long do your games last?

Anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Of course, custom experiences can be any length.


Puzzle Seasons runs for 12 weeks.

How can you learn professional skills through games? The podcast.

We believe that, from board games to card games, we’ve all been taught a tonne of skills from games. Sometimes we don’t even realise it.


This top 100 game-changing podcast chats to guests about what business and career skills games have taught them.


Who knew business could be so fun!

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