Meaningful, Custom Team Building

Maybe it’s a major internal conference. Or the first time you’ve had the whole team together for ages.


Whatever the reason, maybe you want something…. specific – curated, just for that occasion.


  • Specific and curated, so that it fits the occasion perfectly
  • With certain messages and values built into it
  • In a format that fits your event perfectly, both logistically and thematically
  • You know is actually going to, you know, work


Sound great! Need some help with that?


We’ll give you something with character that ticks all your boxes. Sounds good?


Drop us an enquiry, to explore a few options…

Our clients include

Why use us for custom games?

Well, here are a few reasons…


We’ve done this before – just take our Task Master inspired game for Thames Water! You know this isn’t our first rodeo.


Flexible format – virtual? Hybrid? In person? Doesn’t bother us, take your pick. Has to a be a certain layout? Or on a particular platform? Hey, no skin off our nose.


Value for money – depending on what you need, generally it won’t break the bank. We’ve quoted anything from £4,000 to £15,000. Why not repeat it at a few events, to get maximum value?

What have we done before?

In Person


A Task Master inspired experience.


Something physical. That builds in conference messaging. Okay, done.


We riffed on the Task Master format across three internal conferences, where their own staff acted as the judges to determine the winners!



Medical themed, live streamed.


“Strike while the iron’s hot” narrative? Key powers tied to staff challenges?


Sure! An escape room experience for circa 100 staff, all live streamed, to for a purpose driven team building experience.



Listen to the speakers… and play cards?


Something for the team that boosts engagement through the entire event? That can be arranged.


We created a “Full House” card game, as players collected cards in exchange for engagement throughout the event! Playing as part of a “house”, those with the most cards claimed victory…

Want some free game ideas?


We’ve compiled 22 free game ideas for events. Take the quiz, tell us your favourite ice cream flavour, get an idea!


What's the booking process?

For more custom games, simply enquire with a basic outline of your requirements.


We’ll have a chat with you, and from there we’ll start to pull together some ideas.


Generally we go back and fourth with you a bit until voila, we land on the right proposal.

How long does it take to build a custom game?

It varies – our record is 1 week, although we’d rather not repeat that…


Generally, a good month or two. But it depends on how complex the game is!

Are we involved in the design process?



As the game develops, we’ll check in our concepts with you, often giving you a choice of several routes to see what you prefer.

Does it cost a fortune?

It, unsurprisingly, costs more than our more off the shelf options, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.


Generally, we haven’t done anything for less than around £3,500 exc VAT. Most quotes come under £15,000, but of course there are exceptions with particularly large and complex games.

When should we go custom?

When you want something personal, memorable and with a clear purpose.


If you want something that ties in with an overall theme, set of values and can fit within quite a specific format, then it’s worth considering custom.


If you just need another team building game though, and none of that matters particularly, generally it’s fine to just go off the shelf! It’s worth noting even our off the shelf options even have a little customisation available.

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