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We host live, engaging, and immersive team building activities. Join us online, in-person, or for a mix of both (hybrid).


Our immersive, engaging and energetic events will help you boost morale and build connections. Get in touch to learn more.


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Why our team building games?



Events, team building, training, you name it. Designing games to create engaging employee experiences is our bread and butter.



Pretty much all our games have an engaging and performing host, to ensure games are full of energy and excitement.



The game starts the moment you book. Teaser games and puzzles to drive attendance, prizes, follow up scoreboards. It’s end to end.

The new normal is all over the place.

And so are your needs. That’s why we have games to cater for all requirements. So whether you want something indoor, outdoor, online, or a mix of everything, we’ve got you covered.

Hybrid In Person

Hybrid and In-Person Team Building Activities

New team building games for a new normal

Your team building needs are a lot more varied than they used to be. You need to keep hybrid teams connected. You need activities people are comfortable with.


Month to month, your needs might change, and our games can satisfy a multitude of situations…


  • “I need a hybrid game people can play from both the office and home”
  • We want a purely face to face teambuilding game indoors in our office”
  • “We need an outdoor game whilst it’s warm!”
  • “We need a more regular ongoing team building activity to keep our teams connected”


Prices start from £540 (excluding VAT). Invite up to 100 players.

Check out our in person and hybrid games!


Puzzles and auctions

Build the most impressive cake of the bunch…



Puzzle Seasons

Give your teams stories to unravel over 12 weeks by solving puzzles…





Escape room meets hybrid

Find the evidence to shut down the facility…








Cake meets Christmas

Can you solve puzzles and make the best Christmas cake?


Virtual Team Building Activities

Live, interactive, & memorable. Bring your team together with virtual team building events that are engaging, immersive, and build connections.


  • Choose from our virtual team building activities – we focus on quality over quantity
  • Join us from anywhere in the world
  • More than a game – pre briefing excitement, prizes, scoreboards, you name it…


Pricing starts at £350 excluding VAT. Invite up to 150 players. Check out our games below…

Check out our virtual games!


Our flagship escape room

Solve puzzles, find the missing formula… but who to trust?




Interactive classic games

From Whatphrase to Team Fortunes, can your team take top score?


Fluid, varied entertainment

Magicians, gameshows, table games, speed Monopoly… it’s the premium Christmas party.


Puzzle Seasons

Give your teams stories to unravel over 12 weeks by solving puzzles…


Being able to have over 50 colleagues experience the same game together was really valuable – a great teambuilding activity. The whole event was really well organised and well executed from start to finish!


This was a great morale boost for everyone – having live hosts really brought the experience to life!


The large group experience was a perfect way to bring together colleagues remotely right now and bond – including from different continents!


Almost like interactive TV, this was a great experience for our employees, lockdown or no lockdown!

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