More engagement to generate a bigger impact on your audience

A peak moment of connection, soaring morale and fun for your internal conference?


More engaged and more likely to purchase customers at your expo stand?


From card games to escape rooms games will go well beyond traditional forms of engagement to make sure your audience has a peak moment they won’t forget.

Our clients include

When did we forget about engagement?

Speaker after speaker. Boring expo stands. Quarterly updates.


Where does the engagement feature in all this? Where’s the… fun?


It probably won’t surprise you to know, we use games to turbocharge the experience into something truly memorable for your audience.  That way, depending on the event type, they’ll…


  • Resonate with and remember your messaging
  • Form meaningful connections with other attendees
  • Engage with you more


Shall we get playing?

What kind of game might you be after?

Internal Event Team Building Game

From global kick offs to massive away days, you want to punctuate the internal event with something that brings everyone together, and breaks the monotony.


Perhaps… one of our team building games?

Expo Stand Engagement

You just forked out all this money on a stand at this expo. But barely anyone is hanging around, and it feels like you’re just going through the motions.


Drive more customer interest through a stand that incorporates games! From treasure hunts leading them around your product display to simple escape rooms integrated into the stand, you can emerge from the pack.

Event Engagement

You’ve got all these external people coming to your event, woo! Time to dazzle them… with 3 days of people talking at them. But don’t worry, the camera quality is top notch.


Breaking news – they’re going to get bored. Want to implant a better memory? Then let’s get creative and see what games we can drum up that’ll entertain them and maybe even embed your event messages into it.

What kind of game formats?

Maybe something like…

  • Choose Your Own Adventure – an entertainment drive, multimedia journey as a games hosts takes you through a storyline where the audience decides what we do! From pirate voyages to space missions.
  • Play Your Cards – collect cards in exchange for engaging with the event! Answer speaker questions, visit the exhibitors, you name it. Engage your audience with the full event.
  • Riddle round the Expo – explore the expo stand for riddles that give you clues as to the whereabouts of a secret item… Find it, collect your prize! These riddles just happen to take them on a tour of your offering too.
  • Auction Chaos – roll up for the auction of the year! Rapid fire versions of a game like Monopoly, where players compete to win auction rounds and collect as many “sets” of properties as possible! Think casino table format, players just rock up.

Here’s what Thames Water had to say about the game we created for their conference…

Need some more inspiration?

We’ve compiled 22 free game ideas in our interactive quiz! Check it out.

We also have some thoughts on gamifying hybrid events for engagement. Check that out too.

Case Studies


Full House

An automotive industry leadership conference wanted their event to break through the screen and energise engagement.


Our solution? A 2-day “Full House” card game, with personalised team boards and cards awarded for different types of engagement, running live for the whole event!




The Power Lab

We helped a healthcare partner bring engagement to their clients event – sporting the “strike while the iron’s hot” narrative.


We built a custom virtual escape room using a lab theme where teams discovered “key powers” that tied into staff challenges. All live streamed, it delivered a purpose driven experience.




Voyage of Captain Leo

We helped a pharmaceutical company create a whole group game experience to energise everyone mid event!


We build a custom “Choose Your Own Adventure” game led by one of our Games Host actors, taking you on a voyage across the seven seas! Easy t o participate in, maximum energy.



Why does engagement matter?

Because you wont achieve your end goal without it.


Whether that’s more sales from an expo stand, or more team connection at an internal event, without engagement, it simply won’t happen.

So what exactly would a game look like then?

Depends on the event format and theme. It could be anything from a “puzzle pack” sent to guests beforehand that they complete as they attend the event, through to roaming hosts surprising guests with in person mini games related to the theme!


If you drop us a line telling us what your event is, we can paint you a better picture.

What would a game cost?

How longs a piece of string? There’s a big difference between creating a short quiz on an ipad to turning up with an army of game hosts and custom physical props.


If you get in touch we can give you a quote, but generally the simplest could be anything from £3k plus, through to £15k for something much more sophisticated!

Our event is virtual/in person/hybrid, can you help still?

Of course – we run games for all three of those categories.


In todays market, we’d be pretty knackered if we didn’t.

Ready to Level Up?


Get in touch and tell us a bit more about your problem. Maybe we can solve it?