Revolutionising peer to peer communities

Sick of awful, dry, awkward networking events?

Want to have meaningful conversations in your peer community – specifically learning, insight, empathy and connection?

Fancy having this whole thing facilitated through fun and games?

Then keep scrolling.

Networking is broken.

Does this sound familiar…

  • Turn up to networking event, shuffling around awkwardly
  • Have a recruiter or sales person come up to you for a bit.
  • Sit down and listen to the speaker. They’re okay.
  • Grab the free drink afterwards. Consider going up to strangers, but rarely actually do it.
  • Leave.

What’s the value in that?


Can you imagine a community event that actually unlocks connection and insight between peers?


Can you imagine networking that actually… works?


We’ve got the antidote.

Networking often tries to be all things to all people. Not Another Network doesn’t. It’s all about…


  • Common interest – each network is for peers with something in common, like “Operations Managers”, or “Marketing Professionals”.
  • Learning, not selling – these networks are for you to gain insight, share challenges and build a sense of community.
  • Peer to peer – who cares about big name speakers? Sometimes, you want to learn from peers, not experts.
  • Fun – we do all this through simple games we run that put the fun back in networking.


We’re on the look out for partners to run more of these events.

What games do you play?


The confession box


True or false style business confessions written by attendees, past and present.

Our favourite to date involves bumping into a client at a nightclub in Magaluf…


Cards against bad networking


Loose inspiration from a certain card game…

Come up with your best answers to questions about your industry.


Piping for insight


Trade pipe pieces for insight a real group mixing game.


A bunch of others


Moving is believing. The one line story. Debate society. We have a suite of games, picking the right ones for each event.

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