More engagement = more customers

Create a one of a kind, engaging experience for visitors to your exhibition stand that’ll have them drooling over your products and services.


Okay, drooling is a bit graphic – but they certainly won’t forget you in a hurry.


From card games to escape rooms games, we’ll go well beyond traditional forms of engagement to make sure that, at the end of the day, it’s your services they remember out of all the other exhibitors.

Our clients include

A nice looking stand doesn’t cut it

Yeah, sure, your stand looks fantastic. It’s in your brand colours and everything. And maybe it might make a few more visitors come over, drawn in by the bright colours.


But that doesn’t actually facilitate any meaningful interaction. You’ll still have the same old conversation plugging your services, they’ll politely nod, you’ll scan their badge, and then… they’ll forget about you.


We create games that weave in your products and services and create a truly experiential moment for your potential customers.


It’s time to…

  • Stand out
  • Get remembered
  • Get more customers


Shall we get playing?

Example game formats


Escape the Stand

An escape room-meets-exhibition stand experience. Have your potential customers explore your stand, solving puzzles and, of course, interacting with all your products in the process!


Attention grabbing, with loads of interaction opportunities.


Lost in Riddles

Simple and effective – put framed riddles and puzzle challenges around your stand, giving people an easy, dwell time heavy engagement opportunity.


Make sure to pepper in a few tough ones that they’re inclined to speak to you for the answer…



Simulation Game

Create a game that simulates one of your products or services! Maybe you have a staff wellbeing platform? Create a “Save the Workforce” game, where they race against the clock to use the right platform features in the right situations.


A great way to give maximum immersion in your offer.


Supermarket Sweep

High energy, hosted rounds of people dashing round your stand, finding objects (i.e. your products) and getting them in the trolley before time is up. Who said your stand can’t double up as a crowd drawing game show?


Aggressively energetic, grabbing the whole venues attention.


Something Else

This is just a bunch of examples. We can create anything. Treasure hunts, quizzes, bingo, card games… you name it. It’s all on the table.


Exciting, isn’t it?

Need some more inspiration?

We’ve compiled 22 free game ideas in our interactive quiz! Check it out.

We also have some thoughts on gamifying hybrid events for engagement. Check that out too.

Case Studies


Full House

An automotive industry leadership conference wanted their event to break through the screen and energise engagement.


Our solution? A 2-day “Full House” card game, with personalised team boards and cards awarded for different types of engagement, running live for the whole event!




The Power Lab

We helped a healthcare partner bring engagement to their clients event – sporting the “strike while the iron’s hot” narrative.


We built a custom virtual escape room using a lab theme where teams discovered “key powers” that tied into staff challenges. All live streamed, it delivered a purpose driven experience.




Voyage of Captain Leo

We helped a pharmaceutical company create a whole group game experience to energise everyone mid event!


We build a custom “Choose Your Own Adventure” game led by one of our Games Host actors, taking you on a voyage across the seven seas! Easy t o participate in, maximum energy.



Why do I need to give my customers more engagement on my stand?

Because it will deliver more sales.


How many expo stands have you seen that you’ve completely forgotten about? How many conversations can you truly remember?


You need to stick in your customers mind. This will help you do that.

So what exactly would a game look like then?

Depends on what you’ve want. We’ve put some examples above, so if one of those take your fancy then get in touch. But likewise, if you want some other ideas for customer engagement at your stand, then just let us know.


If you drop us a line telling us what your event is, we can paint you a better picture.

What would a game cost?

How longs a piece of string? There’s a big difference between creating a short quiz on an ipad to turning up with an army of game hosts and custom physical props.


If you get in touch we can give you a quote, but generally the simplest could be anything from £3k plus, through to £15k for something much more sophisticated!

Want to increase engagement with your stand?


Get in touch asking for some more details then! Or maybe even… a chat?