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Use games to create a more engaging, interactive training experience for better learning. Improve knowledge retention, and give people a memorable experience in the process.

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Turn your PowerPoint training into an interactive adventure

Using slides and video for your employee training is valuable, but turning this into a gamified experience can take it to the next level for your staff.

Make your learners heroes, as they navigate a heroes adventure…

Why use games with training at all?


Using gamification in training is a tried and tested way to improve engagement among learners.  Just ask Duolingo.


More generally, we see the impact of gamification on engagement verywhere. Have you ever bid on eBay, trying to outbid other people to win an item? Have you ever been given free coins on a mobile game? Collected reward points at countless supermarkets and shops?


These are all examples of gamification – little additions to processes which add an element of fun or addictiveness. These additions can create a huge level of engagement for users. And training is no different. Games can be big or small, high tech or low tech. It’s all about creating the right game for the right training environment.


Can you give examples of what could a training game look like?

Sure! Here are just a few examples of inspiration…


Puzzle Book PDF

Your training mixed with puzzles and challenges to test your employees.


Immersive Game

Simulate a real world environment inspired by the content learnings. Use an online game to save progress and scoring. Employees can repeat play to beat their score.


Scavenger Hunt

Employees can hunt down clues to the answers they need. Great for retention!

Being able to have over 50 colleagues experience the same game together was really valuable – a great teambuilding activity. The whole event was really well organised and well executed from start to finish!


This was a great morale boost for everyone – having live hosts really brought the experience to life!


The large group experience was a perfect way to bring together colleagues remotely right now and bond – including from different continents!


Almost like interactive TV, this was a great experience for our employees, lockdown or no lockdown!

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