Post-Event Level Up

The event ends, but engagement isn’t over. Use games to keep your audience listening.

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Does this sound familiar?


“Do you remember that event we went to last year?”


“Yeah, it was great! Remember that speaker?”


“Yes they were fantastic!”


“I thought so too! Can you remember any of their main points?”


“………🤔 “

It’s time to extend your red carpet beyond the end of the event

You put on these fantastic events with vital content, only for all your guests to disengage the moment they walk out the door. So, how do we fix it?

Let’s start with…


A series of games with purpose. They will embed learnings by inviting your guests to engage after the event.


Think online treasure hunts to uncover photos of key moments at the event.


Key messages scrawled into riddles.


Live broadcasted puzzle challenges using event content, with winners and prizes.


It’s time to give an exceptional post event experience that keeps the conversation going and makes the whole event more memorable. Below is what it could look like…

Being able to have over 50 colleagues experience the same game together was really valuable – a great teambuilding activity. The whole event was really well organised and well executed from start to finish!


This was a great morale boost for everyone – having live hosts really brought the experience to life!


The large group experience was a perfect way to bring together colleagues remotely right now and bond – including from different continents!


Almost like interactive TV, this was a great experience for our employees, lockdown or no lockdown!

Baker McKenzie

The event is over – but the fun has just begun. Here are some routes you could take…


Hunt for Event Treasure

Follow a trail of post-event clues and hints to find key messages and moments from the event. Build direct communication by encouraging your audience to reach out to you for clues…


Post Event, Still Live

Invite your attendees to tune into live broadcasted challenges, from missing puzzle pieces to acted out event moments they have to name. Have your audience submit answers direct to you, encouraging up a longer term dialogue.


Games Smorgasbord

Give your audience variety by hitting them with a range of mini games, from spot the difference using event photos to simple riddles. Why not have the various answers reveal a master answer that unlocks some bonus follow up content?

Ready to Level Up?

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