Not Another Network

We’re tearing up the playbook on networking events

Want real, insightful conversations with peers? Fed up of dry, boring and unhelpful networking events?

Our Not Another Network series is here to save you.

We’re using games to fire up networking with a difference. Real value, real insight, real conversations.


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What does a Not Another Network event look like?

The Warm Up

Networkers are given a challenge before the event – think “find an item that represents your career”, or “sketch your perfect meeting”… points for the best entries as it forms the ice breaker while people roll in…

Game Racing

Work your way around the visual race track, with different “pitstops” representing different games. Complete LinkedIn profile investigations to uncover industry insight on LinkedIn Detective. Piece together, literally, your similarities and differences with peers in Gaming Traction. The list goes on!

Order, Order!

Let’s dig deep on an industry relevant topic with some fiery debate. Kicking things off with “opening statements” from speakers, networkers will work in small teams to come up with “for” or “against” arguments. Speakers pick the best submissions…


Marketing themed network? Think “This house believes LinkedIn advertising is a pointless rip off”.


HR themed network? Think “This house believes bad managers are the biggest obstacle to staff wellbeing”.


Deliberately provocative and designed to go deep into topics.

Community, Always

If you’re engaging your peers outside the networking events, let’s keep it on point. We’ll drop in little challenges and games to the community to encourage connections and ongoing discussion.

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You can be a part of a network through a monthly subscription – details released soon.

If you’re feeling impatient though, or generally want to ask more about our NAN series, you can enquire below.

Alternatively, you can also email us at  [email protected].