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We’ve helped events people blow their clients away through games. Can we help you?

Our clients include

A Helping Hand for Event Agencies


You’re pulling together a top notch event for the client – platform, venue, agenda, theme, content… you name it.

But you still have the fear – that guests either won’t turn up, or won’t be actively engaged when they are there.

How can you make sure guests are head over heels engaged with your clients event?

That’s where we can come in – you can harness our gamification approach to turbo charge event engagement.

From virtual escape rooms to engagement card games, each event has a different need. Get in touch for some ideas…

Case Studies


Full House

An automotive industry leadership conference wanted their event to break through the screen and energise engagement.


Our solution? A 2-day “Full House” card game, with personalised team boards and cards awarded for different types of engagement, running live for the whole event!


The Power Lab

We helped a healthcare partner bring engagement to their client’s event – sporting the “strike while the iron’s hot” narrative.


We built a custom virtual escape room using a lab theme where teams discovered “key powers” that tied into staff challenges. All live-streamed, it delivered a purpose-driven experience.

What’s your game plan?

One of the first things we ask you to consider when introducing gamification into your event is this: do you want to play the long game or are you looking for a snappy showstopper?

Both have their place and benefits, we can even combine the two to give you the best of both!


Long Form Game


Think: A card game that spans the duration of the entire event, or a treasure hunt where your attendees earn rewards as they listen to speakers and “find” things…


Perfect for stimulating engagement for the long haul!


The Showstopper


Think: An escape room that fits the theme of your event, or a large group explosive auction game with only one winner…


Perfect for creating that peak event moment!


Ready to Level Up?


Get in touch to tell us your requirements and discover how our Playful Event add-ons can help improve your attendee experience.


From company conferences through to assessment centres, our bespoke solutions can be applied to any event situation – helping you to increase engagement and solidify key messages.