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The podcast about how games can make people better at business, and business better for people.

What do games and business have in common?

Co-hosts Ben & Zuki are joined by a range of special guests as they explore the surprising ways that games can help us become better at business.

From Charades to Pac-Man, from communication to decisiveness, Let’s Play Business! is a game-changing podcast that will level up your business skills in the most unexpected ways. Game on!

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Listen to… Game of the Decade!

Each episode, our hosts spotlight a contender for game of the decade, and its hidden business lessons. From Chess to Charades, from Monopoly Deal to Stuck in the Mud, there are lessons everywhere if you can get your head in the game.

Listen to… DING! Goes the Interview!

Every episode features an interview with a special guest, f rom company founders to Business People of the Year. Our guests earn a ‘Ding!’ for every insight they share, placing them on our Ding Leaderboard. Bonus points for bonus XP, it’s as simple as that.

Listen to… Game My Problem!

Are you struggling with a business problem and need to phone a friend? Each episode our hosts & guests bring their A Game to come up with game solutions to real-world business problems, submitted by our listeners. The catch? They only have 60 seconds.

Email us your business problems to solve on the show, at [email protected]

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Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.

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