An in person teambuilding experience for Thames Water

We helped Thames Water deliver a memorable and personalised experience for their three internal conferences using the Task Master format, scaled up for groups of 50 at a time.

In Person Entertainment Conferences

Join us on an adventure, where you decide the journey…

Thames Water wanted a high energy, reasonably physical teambuilding experience that could accompany their three internal conferences for People Managers.

We suggested a format that ticked all the boxes…

Our solution?

Thames Master – inspired by Task Master…

We created a series of unique tasks, where judges selected from the audience would assess each teams performance on each challenge!


They would undertake five core tasks. Can you get balls into buckets and win clues on what animals to draw? Can you build a bridge out of pipe pieces that can withstand a basketball being dropped on it, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing?


Once all tasks were complete, judges were asked to complete their own task to flip the dynamic, before finally revealing the winning team!


Tasks were partially tailored to the messaging of the overall conference, as well as the company themselves. Like making a hard hat look like it’s floating!


Custom built in just 3 weeks, it acted as a great way to connect teams and give them a memorable teambuilding experience.

An exciting combination of physical and digital tasks that put Thames Water at the centre of it!

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