A in person auction themed game for the Pro-Manchester Annual Dinner

We helped Pro-Manchester put on some entertaining games for their guests at the annual dinner that people could drop into as they wished, just like a casino table!

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Win the most cities, claim victory…

Pro-Manchester wanted a high energy activity that guests could get involve with in short bursts, wandering by and playing as and when they wanted to!

We had an idea…

Our solution?

Monopolies Live!

Monopolies is a high energy game that’s perfect for events – from networking events to corporate dinners.


Our auctioneer takes people through rounds of bidding, as players try and win as many cities as possible. Matching sets of cities get you more points!


At the end of the auction, we tally up the teams with the most points based on their city hands.


Running in 15 minute rounds, it was perfect for people to dip in and out of throughout the event!

An exciting in person game (that can also be delivered virtually!) that’s perfect for high energy events.

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