A 2-day ‘Full House’ card game that brought content to life in a tactile way.

An automotive industry leadership conference wanted their event to break through the screen and energise engagement.

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Virtual leadership conference

A company in the automotive industry had the task of putting on a leadership and strategy conference for senior management, with the challenge of delivering something engaging through Zoom. They wanted a helping hand in making their event pop through the screen and energise people’s participation and engagement.

Our solution?

A 2-day ‘Full House’ card game that brought content to life in a tactile way.

We responded with a 2-day “Full House” card game. Taking advantage of customisable virtual whiteboard, we built out a card game rooted in the event content, with a board for each team. Embedding company branding, questions and challenges were based on speaker content and encouraged participants to share ideas as well as reaffirm key content learnings.

Funneling this through a competition where each team competed to score the most engagement points, it delivered a highly engaging and dynamic conference full of energy and audience participation.

We wrapped it up with a digital photo album capturing some of the fantastic contributions from attendees.

Until next time!

Being able to have over 50 colleagues experience the same game together was really valuable – a great teambuilding activity. The whole event was really well organised and well executed from start to finish!


This was a great morale boost for everyone – having live hosts really brought the experience to life!


The large group experience was a perfect way to bring together colleagues remotely right now and bond – including from different continents!


Almost like interactive TV, this was a great experience for our employees, lockdown or no lockdown!

Baker McKenzie

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