A custom built, pirate themed energiser game

We helped a healthcare company create a memorable moment mid way through their conference using a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format energiser.

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Join us on an adventure, where you decide the journey…

A healthcare partner was looking for a helping hand to provide a high energy activity mid way through a conference that was affordable, and got people on their feet (literally).

We suggested a format that ticked all the boxes…

Our solution?

A custom built game incorporating the event theme

We created a Choose Your Own Adventure game, led by one of our Games Host actors, taking them on a voyage of the seven seas!


They’d be taken through this multimedia journey with visual aids, and at key moments vote on what path or decision the crew would take, using


Parts of the story required actions from everyone – from swaying side to side with the ship, to pulling faces to scare away monsters of the sea!


Mixed in was the messaging and themes of the conference, to keep it all tied together.


Custom built at a quick pace, it acted as a great way to bring everyone’s energy levels up.

An exciting combination of visuals, audio, acting and destiny in the hands of players.

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