Teambuilding must go on

Brachers LLP needed an autumn teambuilding activity after the ups and downs of lockdown and unlockings.

Team TV, our interactive gameshow hosted from a physical studio via live stream, hit the spot.

Teambuilding Engagement Events

Virtual or in person, either works

Brachers LLP opted to play remotely, with each person joining via Zoom as we placed the 30 strong group into competing teams.


The beauty of games like Team TV and Lost in the Lab are, you can play completely remotely, or go face to face by having in person teams assemble around laptops, like interactive television!


We took them through the full Team TV experience, from the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” themed warm up opener, to competitive rounds of classics like Catchphrase! And of course, the occasional dial in round! This variety combined with our live hosting throughout helps avoid any lulls.

“The Games Host knows how to keep your attention and engagement throughout, and there is real variety in the game! Smooth and professional.”

Thanks for the kind words Brachers – until next time!

Want to play?

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