Stuff that proves we know what we’re doing

A podcast. An article on hybrid events. Case studies. A quiz giving you free event game ideas.

It’s a bunch of stuff to effectively say, “we have some vague idea of what we’re doing”.


We promise to keep it entertaining.

Let’s see what we’ve got here…

Our Case Studies


Games we’ve run, off the shelf, custom, in person, virtually, for team building, for events, yada yada yada.


You get the idea.

A podcast talking about games and business


Did you know, you can become better at your job by playing Chess? Or The Sims? Or Hungry Hippos?


At least, we think so. And we talk about it with guests in this podcast.

Event Game Ideas Quiz


Creative juices running low for your event? This quick quiz should give you some ideas to make your event more engaging through games.

Thoughts on making hybrid formats engaging


We wrote an article on how to use games to make your hybrid events a tad more engaging for everyone joining. Maybe take a read?


Curiosity piqued – want to get in touch?


That’s wonderful news! Just use the form below to get in touch, enquire about a game, ask for more info… anything really.