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As firm believers in the power of games to provide valuable moments, we can help your company to create better experiences for staff. It could be a one-off bespoke virtual team game, or it could be an ongoing set of experiences.

In either case, we can craft something that delivers connection and engagement through the dynamics of gamification.

What can this look like?

  • Customisations to existing experiences to make it more personalised to you
  • Bespoke Virtual Team Games that help achieve the kind of team building you need
  • Better, gamified onboarding experiences that lead to better bring your employees into the organisation and speed up learning
  • Any other challenge where the power of gamified experiences can add value

Game Royale – Company Wide Competition

Bring out the competitive spirit across your organisation by letting us organise a full blown competition! Using our virtual escape rooms and game show experiences, we’ll craft competitive rounds with winning teams for each, leading to a final where the top teams face off against each other in a game to decide the true winner.

Interspersed with newsletters, quotes from winning teams and general communications to get everyone fully engaged, this virtual, bespoke team building package is perfect for getting the whole company connected! Gamification at its finest.

Corporate Event Boost

Running a virtual conference or event, and want to liven up engagement? We can embed a game within the event to keep your audience captivated, excited and delighted by their experience.

Running an all staff conference to launch your shiny new company vision and strategy? We can build a game that will form part of the day, help to embed the new direction for your colleagues.

Running a whole day event where you want employees to be participants, rather than simply viewers? The power of gamification can bring these events to life so that people are engaged with the process.


If you’re interested in creating a bespoke corporate event, get in touch with our team using the form below.

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