Harness the power of games to create better experiences

Declare war on poor experiences. From teambuilding to networking and events, let us make your experiences more engaging and memorable for you through games.

Our clients include

We use games for all kinds of experiences

There are four in particular that we use them for the most:

  • Team building – creating connections between employees and boosting morale
  • Events – making them more engaging and memorable for your audience
  • Training – making learning stick better, and for longer
  • Networking – creating meaningful conversations and insight between peers

Of course, that’s not exclusive. From product launches to activations, there are all sorts of experiences that can be enhanced through games.


Why games?


Connected employees – achievement unlocked!

Boost morale and provide a roaring social connection between colleagues.


Engaging events – it’s super effective!

Lock in quality engagement at your events – and have guests talking about it for weeks!



Improved learnings – bonus prize!

From training to induction, fire up learnings through games.

We’ve already helped…


And many others level up their experiences through the power of games.

Whatever your experience, our games can make them better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why games?

Because they have the power to engage us in an unparalleled way.

We don’t always see it, but gamification is already everywhere. Have you seen that “Profile Strength” bar on LinkedIn? Or how about nearly every forum where you can “upvote”, effectively scoring them?

They may sound like gimmicks, but the potential for games is limitless. What if you could create an engaging, gamified onboarding experience for a new employee, for example?

What experiences do you offer?

We offer a variety of experiences through our games.

Some of our core ones include:

  • Teambuilding games
  • Games for events and conferences
  • Gamified networking events
  • Training games
  • Onboarding games

We’ve crafted games for all sorts though – so get in touch if you want to see if gamification might help your particular project!

Do you offer both virtual and face to face?

Put simply – yes. From team building to events, we can tick either box.

In fact, we’re excited about the idea of using games to help hybrid experiences (i.e. part virtual, part face to face) ensure everyone is fully engaged!

I need something custom made you've not listed. Can you do it?

Well I suppose there is only one way to find out – get in touch!

In all likelihood, yes – it’s impossible to list every possible use of gamification, and we’ve used it beyond the examples we’ve given you so far!

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